Weitless is a music project on the Czech music scene that fits best into the "box" of chill out, synth, electro and new age. In his compositions he uses elements of electronic music with original acoustic instruments and vocals from all over the world. The origin of the Weitless project dates back to 2000. The album The Blue Planet was a breakthrough, which was a great success with Czech and Slovak fans. The album The Blue Planet was officially released in 2013 by Fontana under registration number FN342. Songs and excerpts from the album The Blue Planet were used in jingles on Prima Zoom, Czech Television, etc


Imagine the stories they experience the different peoples of the world. Their fables, fairy tales and tales passed down for generations from father to son. Imagine a beautiful and colorful dreams and desires that fill the many lives of at least a tiny feeling of something special. Our blue planet Earth is the playground game of billions of people, each with their fate, their story and their dreams. Put yourself for a moment into their worlds and imagine their dreams. The Blue Planet is an ten album project Weitless. Contains a total of 13 melodic songs designed for rest and relaxation. The combination of classic acoustic ethnic instruments and electronic music, it determines the category of new age, chill out and dream. Work on the album took more than a year due to lack of time and many other projects. Perhaps the most important moment at work on the album The Blue Planet was the birth of my son, who was devoted to song Morning Sun. So listen to the tunes dreaming. Close your eyes and open your mind. The Blue Planet is here.

01 Opening Time

The key that opens the way to the blue planet. Your journey begins.

02 Borneo

Borneo - A beautifully romantic melodic song will take you on a trip to Malaysia. Borneo is a breathtakingly sad song that can make a sensitive soul cry. Not easy life but beautiful nature - it's all Borneo. Nice and hospitable people who often live in very poor conditions but despite this fact rejoice, love and live.

03 Legends

Ancient Native American tribes have inhabited the American continent for generations. With the human settlement of the continent and its civilization, the customs of the Indians are slowly disappearing from their lives. It would be a great pity not to preserve these valuable customs for future generations. The old Vhuatu Indian tells his story. His story is about his ancestors, who continue to live in the souls of the bereaved and for whom they have become legends. Medium fast melodic composition full of original instruments and Native American vocals.

04 The Blue Planet

The song of the same name as the album represents a busy life around the world every day. Marketplaces, transportation, people, billions of stories, and yet everything is perfectly interconnected and everything works. Let's forget about wars and battles. Let us live our lives and protect our country. Medium-fast composition with ethnic elements, pad surfaces and many vocals complemented by a piano.

05 Morning Sun

The night is slowly passing its rule on to the new day. The sun rises and the world wakes up to a beautiful day. Melodic and calm composition as from the time of the first albums of the Enigma project. Long pad surfaces, piano, vocals and soothing mood.

06 East & West

East and West. Different cultures, different religions, but full of emotion in every continent. India with its powerful charms, pride and an incredible atmosphere for a Western European. Original vocals and acoustic instruments along with the stunning atmosphere of the East.

07 Africa

Africa. Just saying this word will leave you full of impressions. Mysterious tribes, voodoo, wildlife, but also the beginnings of Christianity. Accompanied by African warriors, set out on wildlife trails, observe the life of beautiful fauna and flora. Taste the real Africa. A medium-fast tempo with a cinematic melody as if cut from a documentary about this beautiful continent.

08 Himalaya

Mankind's ancient desire to ascend to the heights to the clouds has given rise to many expeditions to the Himalayas to the highest mountain in the world. Many of the travelers never returned from these expeditions, leaving their lives and souls in the endless snows of the mountains. Each expedition begins in the villages by recruiting Sherpas, buying the necessary food and things. Embark on a journey of discovery, which means one great adrenaline adventure. Faster melodic composition spiced with eastern instruments, bells and vocals.

09 I Like You

Frosty Scottish landscape, unmistakable plains and lakes. In the distance comes the sound of bagpipers playing their melody. A walk in a knitted sweater in cold weather with the vision of hot tea can warm your mind. Slow melodic and dreamy composition with bagpipes, accordion and piano.

10 Odyssey

Endless glistening sea level, strong sun and waves swaying on the sides of the ship. The sea air drives the team below decks. The cruise is coming to an end. The lifeguard on the mast shouts that he is in the distance of the ground. The discovery odyssey bears fruit. Atmospheric and soothing composition with vocals and a decent unobtrusive melody.

11 Far Away

A long journey around the world. How long does such a journey take? Sung faster song accompanied by guitar and mandolin.

12 Remember

The vast majority of our planet consists of water levels and the sea. This is where it all began. Mysterious and never explored depths full of unknown creatures, sunken shipwrecks, cities with the ubiquitous curiosity of billions of fish. Dive below sea level and be tempted on an underwater trip. The whales are already calling. Faster melodic song with original sounds of whales and the sea.

13 Closing Time

The destination of your journey is approaching. The train takes you home. There is a long but incredibly wonderful journey around the world behind you. Journey around the blue planet. You bring with you a lot of impressions and experiences from exotic countries, beautiful souvenirs and you will happily meet your loved ones. Our journey ends.




The project is returning to the roots of the Space-synth music, paying tribute to such projects which were Laserdance, Koto, Cyber People, Daylight, and many others. Used the sounds of classic analog synthesizers, drums and samples, which were and are typical for this style.